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engaging instagram captions

Did you know? The longer someone spends reading your Instagram captions, the better your post will rank in the algorithm. That’s because reading a caption means they’re engaging with it which also increases the chance of them commenting on your post if it resonates well enough.

Find the style of writing that suits best with your brand as well as your audience. If micro-blogging is your thing and has been getting you great results, stick to it!

Bold or Italicize Some of Your Text to Emphasize Certain Points

There are a few websites on the web that allows you to bold or italicize your text. A personal favorite is IGfonts that allows you to copy and paste a piece of text into their text box and in turn, spits out various formats of text for you to paste in your captions to make them interesting and stand out.

Write in a Way That Speaks to the Core

People resonate best when they read something they can relate to on a personal level. Use the voice of your ideal audience and speak to them at their core. What makes them tick? Are you speaking in a way that shows you know what they’re going through? By putting yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes, you’ll be able to say just the right things to make them nod their head every time.

Have a Killer First Line

What can you write as the first sentence to stop someone’s mid-scroll? The first sentence they read needs to be alluring enough to make them want to press ‘more’ and motivate them to continue reading the rest of your caption. Tell them what they’ll want to know if they continue reading until the end.

The trick is to ensure you deliver an attention-grabbing element to your first line that is visible enough in someone’s feed without them having to press ‘more.’ Spark curiosity by providing interesting stats, an intriguing statement, or an emotional response.

Encourage Discussion

Instagram encourages building community now more than ever. That being said, if you’re looking to score big points in their algorithm, make sure you’re continuously doing things within the platform to encourage your audience to engage with you and your content. This includes writing your Instagram captions in a way that opens up discussions in the comments.

Include a CTA (Call to Action)

People just generally need to be told or reminded what to do in order to do it. So if you want people to comment on your post, ask them to! Need them to save it? Remind them to save it for reference so they can refer back to it later. Always include a call-to-action (or CTA) at the end of every post to increase your chances of scoring engagement points and gaining more visibility. For example, ask a question you want your readers to answer in the comments or direct them to the link in your bio.

While creating beautiful content for your page is extremely important, writing engaging Instagram captions that combine personality, context, and inspires your audience to take action is what will ultimately drive engagement. Pair that with strategic Instagram stories that’ll help you showcase more of your brand behind-the-scenes and you’ll have raving fans eager to know more about you in no time.