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How to grow on instagram

There may be a few reasons why your page isn’t growing on Instagram. It isn’t enough to simply publish some posts and call it a day. Here are a few reasons why your page may be hearing crickets and how you can pivot your strategy in order to grow on Instagram.

1. Your Content Looks the Same As Everyone Else’s

Let’s face it, your content isn’t getting enough attention because it’s not intriguing enough to make people stop mid-scroll. So what can you do?

Create unique, share-worthy content that people would want to share. Some examples may include infographics, funny but related memes, advice to share in the form of a quote, carousel posts that tell a story or teach people how to do something. Be creative and have fun with it!

In order to stand out, you need to create content that catches people’s attention and keeps them on your post for longer. This will ultimately suggest to Instagram that your content is interesting enough for a user to spend time on and will help boost it in the algorithm.

Combining share-worthy content along with having an effective hashtag strategy will ensure your content is being seen by your ideal audience.

2. There’s No Strategy Behind Your Content

Your posts are everywhere. There’s no consistency and anyone stumbling on your page is lost about what your content is actually about. This is where branding and content strategy go hand-in-hand. Growing on Instagram will only be made possible if you have a content strategy in place.

Having a strategy is crucial because it gives you an idea of what types of content you need to be producing as well as when you should be posting them. What is the aim of your account? What are your main content pillars? Aesthetics are not as important as how they used to be. However, branding always will be a key factor in determining whether or not your ideal audience will take you seriously.

3. Your Instagram Bio Is Not Clear

What is it that you do? Is it clearly stated in your Instagram bio? Why should they hit the follow button? You have less than 5 seconds to impress your audience and get their attention before they move on to another account.

Be extremely clear about what you do. Make it simple and concise. Anyone stumbling on your page should know right from the get-go what it’s about.

4. Your Photos are Blurry And Completely Random

As a business, having clear photos are key. Having higher quality and beautiful photos aren’t a problem as technology continues to advance. Think about it, how would you perceive a brand if they were posting low-quality and blurry photos? Post with intent and professionalism.

5. You Don’t Know Who Your Target Audience Is

Without a clear understanding of who you’re serving and creating content for, how will you get them to resonate with you? Once you’ve figured out who you’re targeting, all content you create going forward will be catered towards them and no one else. Know exactly who you’re serving and why you’re serving them.

Taking into consideration all of these points, only then will you be able to grow your Instagram and get in front of the people who actually want to see your posts.

If you’ve done all of these things and still don’t see your Instagram growing the way it should, feel free to book a call with us. We’ll be more than happy to help you set up a strategy.