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A corporate escapee to the founder of my own digital marketing agency.

I’m an online marketing strategist, entrepreneur and content marketing expert who founded Nvizion Media—a digital marketing agency based in Montreal. I help digital creators, bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to build their online brand presence through leveraging the power of social media.

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When done right, building an online brand presence has its perks. Expanding your digital reach can push your business to new heights and show up on the radar of your ideal clients.

Social media and content creation can be extremely time consuming. Combined with trying to understand all the different platforms, hashtags, algorithms … it can be quite daunting.

You have a vision that you want to turn into a reality yet you struggle to find the right balance in showing up for your audience online while trying to run all other aspects of your business.

You know being online is what you need to do yet you simply cannot find the time to learn the ins and outs of what’s essential to the growth of your  business. Or you do know how to integrate digital marketing as part of your strategy but you find it draining and would rather have someone else do it?

Well, what if I told you I can help you effectively show up online, ditch the overwhelm AND save you those extra hours to truly focus on the things that matter?

This is where Nvizion Media can help.

Life is too damn short to be stuck doing something you hate.

I’ve been blessed to have realized at such a young age that a corporate job wouldn’t allow me to live out the dream I’ve always wanted—to be my own boss.

But if you told me that I’d be starting my own business at only 22, I’d tell you you’re crazy.

Yet here I am.

Operating my own digital marketing agency in Montreal.

Working with soulmate clients and helping them craft their brand voice.

Helping others show up authentically online using proven strategies that are built to last.

Coaching and helping other creatives launch & operate a successful online business.

This is exactly how I had envisioned it all in my mind.

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But it wasn't always like this ...

In May 2016, I was working part-time for an animation and visual effects studio during the summer while I was in school studying Communications.

Like so many of us, we have this fairy tale in our minds about how great life would be when we grow up. Until we graduate from years of schooling only to realize how dog-eat-dog the corporate world is.

You’re working your butt off for someone else’s dream for only two weeks of vacation days a year. Putting this into perspective, does that sound right to you?

By the time I got home from work, I’d be too exhausted to do anything but sit in my bed and watch mindless TV. Sound familiar?

I started to fall into a depression and began to question my life.

I began searching for a new creative outlet in which I could express the artsy side of me beyond my mundane days at the studio. That’s when I started to take an interest in Instagram.

Eventually a freelancing gig presented itself to me when the hairdresser I normally went to was looking for someone to create content for her work. It was a small gig that I really enjoyed which opened up my eyes to a whole new window of opportunity.

That’s when I knew what I wanted to be doing – social media.

I didn’t get a degree to work in Administration my whole life. This was not at all how I’d imagined my life would be after graduation nor would anyone else for that matter.

I decided to take my shot at applying to small agencies (and when I say small, I mean like 3-5 employees small).

It was extremely competitive. I didn’t have the experience. I just knew I wanted to do it and was confident someone would eventually take me in.

I went to a few interviews and was shockingly disappointed with all of these agencies. They were all very disorganized and unprofessional.

I eventually gave up and settled on going back to the studio. I questioned why I was staying somewhere that made me so unhappy that paid me a measly 30k salary with a university degree.

That just didn’t sit well with me.

"To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others."

Albert Camus

So I created my own opportunity

I mustered up the courage to hand in my letter of resignation and made the decision to quit my comfortable job to become a full-time entrepreneur. Taking my chances at opening my very own digital marketing agency in Montreal.

I’d be lying if I told you life was all dandy after that.

The first few months were rough.

My connections weren’t strong and my network was tiny. Because I was so young, many people didn’t take me seriously. 

And when I did manage to get meetings, my professionalism and over preparedness was what got their attention. I’d get comments like, “You’re so mature for your age” or “you handle yourself with a lot of confidence” and that’s what ultimately sold people. 

Whether I was 22 or 40, my confidence was what got me clients. Selling myself on paper was no easy feat. Every time I managed to land a meeting, I knew I had to do whatever it took to close the client.

This is what essentially built my career.

My name started to get out there and instead of continuing to attend networking events & connecting with people over the internet, I started attracting people to me.


I help my clients reach their goals and live out their dreams the way I lived out mine.

I get to coach people on how to show up consistently online and show them how to take their brand to new heights.

I help to create beautiful content for my clients to craft out a cohesive visual identity that brings in tangible results.

I’m now on a mission to share my knowledge and expertise with those who refuse to settle for anything less than an extraordinary life.

I take care of all the content creation & social media strategies so you don’t have to and take pride in educating every single one of my clients on what the best practices are so they can focus on what they do best.

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